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Neuronland provides free software tools for the experimental neuroscience and neuron mathematical modeling communities.

Currently, two applications are available, both focused on facilitating the interchange of neuron morphology data between the diverse software packages used within these fields of research, as well as the preservation of such data.

Quick download links to binary packages are provided directly on this main page. For more detailed information about a specific application, please visit the corresponding application main page by clicking on the image or the program name below.

converter NLMorphologyConverter

A command line program for converting between 3D neuron morphology formats. Currently 21 formats (50+ variations) are supported, including Neurolucida, SWC, MorphML, NeuronHOC, Genesis, NeuroZoom, Eutectics. Various options are available for manipulating the imported data.

Initial public release:  March 2008.
Current Version:  0.9.0,  October 2010.
Windows - NLMorphologyConverter_0_9_0_x86.msi

Mac OSX - (older version)

viewer NLMorphologyViewer

A simple user interface built on top of the technology developed for the NLMorphologyConverter. Provides a 3D interactive view of neuron morphology data. Can import and export data in any of the formats supported by the NLMorphologyConverter.

Initial public release:  Febuary 2009.
Current Version:  0.3.0,  October 2010.
Windows -

Mac OSX -
Not currently available

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